The Art of Concrete Design


Welcome to Intaglio Composites. We are artisans, working in the media of concrete, metal and glass. We convert dreams into architectural reality. We invite you to sample our dreams.

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Check out the Mettle of our Metal

You see a plain piece of aluminum, copper or steel. We see a blank canvas, to be etched in an image so vibrant it practically jumps off the surface.

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Glass with Class

Glass is the material of the future. And now, it’s no longer relegated to plain, featureless sheets. Our artisans create works of art in glass.

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Concrete Visions

Forget everything you know about concrete. Heavy. Plain. Boring. We create art, with concrete as our canvas.

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Who We Are. Where We're Going

At Intaglio Composites we are Innovators. Creators. Fabricators. We take metal, glass, and concrete and turn dreams into art. And we have the vision thing down, too.

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