Growing up in Texas focused on art/music and mathematics Robert entered the USAF after graduation with the aspiration of playing in the USAF Band. Upon his military discharge, he moved to Arlington and studied engineering at the University of Texas, Arlington. After completing his studies in engineering at UTA in the late 80's he formed his first design/product development company Beverly Designs. His designs crossed many scopes of disciplines including electronics of sound, simplistic designs in modern toys to developing modern techniques in manufacturing processes.

From toys to sound equipment to art, his clients were so diverse, from Hamley's of London for toys to GUESS Clothiers for unique store and graphics products to International Music Company for innovative sound work and patented guitar design.

Later in the 90's his work turned to material science and the study of materials and methods of application. This work led to the development of a very unique process to engrave aluminum on a large scale as well as a process to photoengrave into a concrete surface.

Today, Robert's focus continues to provide a platform for very unique applications of materials and help the client to realize the full potential of the artistic vision often suggested in today's modern world. His work has garnered international attention and installations as well as awards for design excellence.

Kari Pei, daughter-in-law to the late famous architect I.M. Pei (famous for works like the Louvre Glass Pyramid etc.) once ask...why are you not more focused...and his answer was that his appreciation of process and materials allow him to better serve the client's intent. She was awed by the scope of capability.

His knowledge of materials and unique perspective in design continues to this day.