We stopped collecting logos a very long time ago and let our work speak for itself. The work displayed on these pages only gives a representational example of our capabilities. We have enjoyed presenting unique ideas and have been approached by architects for years for advice in the realistic fabrication of some of the craziest ideas out there.
The owner has had lines of Large Stereo Big Band speaker systems, a toy line that sold worldwide, complete store installations for many years in the GUESS explosion in the early 2000s and so many more with a focus on fine graphics.

Famous Designer Kari Pei entered the offices of Intaglio Composites in 2013  to validate our work before embarking on a collaborative project relationship. After touring the gallery complete with images and samples from wall to wall, she made it just inside the actual working studio and her inquiry ensued. Her question to the owner was , "Why are you not more focused?" You see, the owner has spent his entire life developing and learning what he refers to as material science. He shared a project that he estimated would cost 100 million today.  He has asked that we share this vision as he hopes to one day see this project come to fruition. We will be adding it to our press release very soon, but the concept basically entails the concept of creating "Any" product in "Any" medium and that takes understanding the material and its capabilities.
Ms. Pei paused briefly, looked at Robert, the owner, and said...

This is doable! What a memorable day that was!

And that provides the canvas that we work with today!