noun in·​ta·​glio | \ in-ˈtal-(ˌ)yō  , -ˈtäl-; -ˈta-glē-ˌō, -ˈtä-  \ plural intaglios

Definition of intaglio

  1. a: an engraving or incised figure in stone or other hard material depressed below the surface so that an impression from the design yields an image in relief. b: the art or process of executing intaglios c: printing (as in die stamping and gravure) done from a plate in which the image is sunk below the surface2: something (such as a gem) carved in intaglio

[credit: Merriam-Webster]

Intaglio Composites is a firm best described as what happens when you give artisans the tools to meld art with architecture. In a way, this marks a return, full circle to the artisans of the ancient world. Intaglio is the most ancient form of gem engraving. In printmaking, intaglio predates the modern printing press. Intaglio's artisans work in metal, glass, and concrete turning their surfaces into works of art. Walls with photographs permanently etched into them. Monuments are faced with images that will withstand the test of time. Markers and signage will outlast the buildings they are designed for.

Intaglio Composites was born from Dreamweaver Graphics, a company known throughout the Southwest as the go-to firm for dimensional graphics. In 2003, Intaglio unveiled a revolutionary technology allowing them to photoengrave concrete. This was soon followed by applying a similar technique to aluminum. Coupled with their established expertise in etching glass surfaces, this gave Intaglio a unique set of skills to provide highly specialized work in a variety of materials that are not only complementary but sustainable and durable.

In 2009, we expanded our marketing, partnering with Wolf-Gordon and their sales staff across the USA to bring our technology and skills to a wide range of designers, architects, and engineers. The owner found validation of his work from famed designer and daughter-in-law of I M PEI, a famous Chinese architect. His most recognized work is the glass pyramid located at the famed Louvre in Paris, France.

In 2010, we unveiled new photographic transfer technologies at HD2010 in Las Vegas and Neocon Chicago, further exploring the possibilities and pushing past the limits of technology for blending art with concrete, glass, and metals.

After satisfying our architectural clients worldwide for many years in unique applications using the mediums noted, Intaglio Composites founder, Robert Beverly, a military veteran, has begun redirecting some resources and focusing on product design and content that will support and help educate future generations of the sacrifices our military families have endured. He has commented on the public education system that has failed our youth for many years in the historical importance of our country and the part they must play in order to preserve the freedoms they currently take for granted.

While the shift will be profound, Intaglio Composites never waits for others to innovate. We have some exciting developments on the horizon, with products we believe will revolutionize building materials, construction techniques, and what is possible in architecture. Stay tuned...