Emergency Services Program

Using the same QR code technology, we are introducing a program that should create a much safer environment for our first responders. Developed many years ago, we were told repeatedly that the code would become outdated and "sensoring" would replace this technology and this past year has proven that the code became an invaluable part of our everyday applicational use. You will find many applications for this use and a more detailed application that makes this an extremely promising tool.

Many have said...sure, anyone can do this...and we say NO! There is no technology that can provide the quality and durability that our product has. The only possible method close to it is a laser, and that is not a long-term solution for exterior use since it only slightly affects the surface. Aluminum is the most durable and long-lasting product for this application. 

When a 911 call goes out, the first person to arrive on location is usually the police in your smaller municipalities if control of traffic and pedestrians are affected. If it is a fire, protocol suggests power shutoff and securing the area. If the building contains materials that could cause great harm, that information is usually listed in fire inspection reports but rarely widely disseminated.  The use of QR codes that reflect the fire inspection report can be an extremely useful prevention tool.
The sample below (password - fire) gives you an example of the power this could extend to first responders. We are able to create the plates only or prepare an entire database as well as annual update capabilities. We welcome your inquiry.

QR Code