QR Code Military Program

Have you ever entered an installation or home and you come across a flag neatly folded in a wall frame, possibly have some little brass plate giving a date but without someone standing there to provide background information behind the who, what, when, why, how, it just makes the connection to honor and appreciate very difficult? 

During a recent "Wreaths Across America" ceremony, one very patriotic American stated how she felt it was a waste to see such an endeavor that only lasts for a short time. The true pragmatist. But then she attended for the first time and witnessed the thousands of participants engaging in this ceremonial tribute and she "got it". Just imagine if she were able to scan the code and send a personal prayer or sign of tribute to a person, rather than just a name on a stone.

Well, it is that time! We are teaming up with the Texas Defense Force Inc, a 501(c)3 organization (txdf.org) to provide our engraved aluminum plates to other nonprofits nationwide in the hope to recognize, honor, and educate fellow Americans of the sacrifices made by our military. This project has become very important to the owner, Robert Beverly as he continues his mission to create a connection that is so badly needed in today's politically perverse environment.